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Yves Mirabaud Explains Mirabaud Group’s Hedging Strategy During The Pandemic

Yves Mirabaud is an accomplished banker and business leader who has been an executive at some of the world’s most notable financial institutions in Switzerland and the US. Since 2012, he has been a senior managing partner at the high-flying Genevan private bank, The Mirabaud Group.

Before this, he has served as the firm’s managing partner from 1996. Yves earned his business degree from Geneva’s prestigious Graduate Institute of International Studies. He led the Mirabaud Group to adopt a hedging strategy during the pandemic. During a recent interview, this accomplished banker explained the Mirabaud Group’s hedging strategy during the pandemic.

Preserving the wealth of clients

Yves Mirabaud explained that the Mirabaud Group had withstood numerous challenging economic situations for the two centuries it has been around. During times of a financial crisis, the firm had made it a culture to preserve its clients’ wealth rather than try to make quick profits by pursuing lucrative opportunities. He stated that this culture had proven to be highly reliable in guaranteeing the private bank’s longevity. Therefore, when the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the global economy, the firm quickly adopted a hedging strategy to protect its clients’ wealth. Yves Mirabaud stated that the pandemic is slowly being handled, and the global economy is opening up; the Mirabaud Group feels confident to pursue profits with little risk. See related link to learn more.

An 8% revenue drop

This outstanding bank mentioned that the Genevan private bank’s hedging strategy meant that it could not take advantage of any opportunities through the market uncertainty that the pandemic created. Although this seems old fashioned and the private bank lost revenues, the 8% drop in revenues could easily be recovered as the global economy opens up. Yves Mirabaud added that by only looking at the company’s financial statements during the pandemic, it’s easy to miss out on the complete picture of its success during the market uncertainty.


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