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Wes Edens

Wes Edens is a legendary investor and entrepreneur who has made tremendous strides in various industries. With investments in both traditional sectors, Edens also positions himself at the forefront of up-and-coming sports, Esports, and Technology sectors. He co-founded Fortress Investment Group and famously bought the Milwaukee Bucks while founding more companies like FlyQuest and Brightline to make his vision a reality.

Commitment to sustainability

He actively supports environmental sustainability ventures and forges partnerships with many eco-friendly organizations. Together with his sons, he is the founder of Rebuild America’s School Project, which provides $100 million in financial aid to schools to upgrade their facilities and promote educational excellence throughout America. Furthermore, Wes Edens reportedly invests heavily in clean energy projects and advocates for including sustainable development practices into mainstream business culture.

Sports Investment

WEDG – or Wesley Edens’ Global Gaming, includes a real estate portfolio and investments in esports teams from Europe, North America, and Japan. He is an avid sports fan, leading him to be a significant influence behind the sports teams he owns, such as Aston Villa F.C., Milwaukee Bucks, and Brightline (an express passenger railroad service). Moreover, Wes takes an active role in running these teams by visiting different stadiums on an array of game days worldwide. Witnessing firsthand how his supporters enjoy their sporting events brings joy to him as an owner-investor and fan of the industry.

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Technology Investments

While technology constantly changes, some sectors, such as mobile gaming apps, have continuously developed since their inception. From games focused on neural stimulation training along with virtual tours of ancient sites worldwide, Wes Edens continues to back innovative products through his firm, New Fortress Energy. Apart from this, he has also contributed immensely towards growth projects related to autonomous vehicles that are expected to revolutionize future transportation systems alongside streaming media services (like Netflix). So they can take full advantage of this new wave of digitalization to provide viewers with the best entertainment offerings available online today!