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How Tim Ioannides Uses His Profession to Impact Lives

Tim Ioannides is a dermatologist specialist based in Florida. During his entire career life as a skin physician, he seeks to change as many lives as possible, hence a social entrepreneur. A child’s training while growing up largely contributes to their future life, and Ioannides is a product of his parents’ great upbringing. Tim is born of parents who were both in medical fields. His parents had a big heart for others and spent all their professional years doing what gave them fulfilment: Changing lives. Besides giving bespoke health services to their clients, they also went the extra mile to offer a helping hand to those in need.

Though any service is priceless, health-related support remains at the top, for no one can be happy when his health is deteriorating. Guided by this, during his time to join college, Tim Ioannides specialized in dermatology, intending to prevent and treat skin cancer. Though after his medical residency, he worked for a while at a dermatological practice that focused more on cosmetic surgeries, he found no career fulfilment. This triggered him to open his dermatology facility called Treasure Coast Dermatology in Florida that has developed into five centres for the fifteen years it has been operational.

Since he opened the facility, his focus, together with his team, has been eradicating skin cancer that has become common globally despite being preventable. While detecting the disease at its early stages and treating it makes him happy, educating Floridians on ways to prevent sun rays from damaging their skin leaves him a fulfilled man. To give his patients undivided attention by choosing not to have a computer around during their visits helps him determine their overall health status, thus offering the needed care and treatment. Volunteering at his former college, Miami University, as an associate professor is one of the many ways Tim Ioannides gives back to his community.

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