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Stephen Bittel – A Prominent Leader In Multiple Industries

For Steven Bittel, passion, along with the financial backing to be involved in several industries guide his success. However, his passion for certain causes has him making headlines while seeking cures.

In 1980 Bittel founded Terranova Corporation, which is a leading commercial real estate firm, specializing in rental properties. His portfolio includes more than seven million square feet of commercial real estate across Florida. The success of Terranova is largely due to Bittel’s vision and leadership, as well as his staff’s commitment to exceptional service.

Aside from real estate, Stephen Bittel has been active in Florida politics. He once served as the former chairman of the Florida Democratic Party.

In 2018 when Bittel’s focus shifted to the neurodegenerative disorder, Parkinson’s disease. The president of Terranova Corporation was diagnosed with the disorder. Bittel and his president were shocked by the diagnosis since she did not exhibit the characteristics of a person with Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder. It affects movements and can cause tremors, difficulty with balance and coordination, and stiffness. Bittel’s determination to help drove his research interest and those efforts led him to become a large donor to several organizations and research centers.

In addition to real estate, politics, and his philanthropic efforts with Parkinson’s disease, Biddle also advocates for policies and initiatives that promote economic growth and development. His leadership and commitment to social justice and equality have given him widespread admiration.

While Bittel has been recognized for all of his endeavors, the success of Terranova stands out. Bittel and Terranova are responsible for some of the most iconic shopping destinations in Florida, including the Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach, the Falls Shopping Center in Miami, and the Waterside Shops in Naples.

As a prominent businessman, political figure, and philanthropic donor, passion and drive makes switching gears come easy to Stephen Bittel.