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Songwriter Margie Hauser On The Creative Process

Margie Hauser: Veteran Songwriter on The Creative Process

Margie Hauser is a music industry veteran who has been a songwriter, artist, and collaborator for over two decades. Her many contributions to the industry have made her a respected artist in the community. Margie Hauser has toured the US and Europe, collaborated with numerous artists, and released three full-length albums. Recently, Fault Magazine interviewed Hauser to discuss her work and the creative process.

When asked about her creative process, Hauser said that she relies heavily on her intuition. She believes that good songwriting requires a level of self-reflection, understanding your own emotions and experiences, and allowing those to flow into your music. Hauser also believes that collaboration plays an important role in the creative process. She has worked with a wide range of musicians to create her music and believes that the collaboration process can provide a unique perspective on an idea.

Hauser’s creative process is also driven by her passion for the music industry. She is passionate about the craft of songwriting and works to ensure that her music reflects her own unique style. Hauser believes that the best work is created when the artist is true to themselves and puts their own voice into the music. She believes that it is important to create music from a place of honest emotion and use the creative process to explore and express those feelings.

Hauser has also revealed that she strives to create music that reflects her own personal experiences. She explained that she often looks back on her life and uses her own experiences to create music. Hauser believes that the most meaningful songs are created when the artist is able to draw upon their own life and use those experiences to create music that resonates with listeners.

Overall, Margie Hauser is an experienced songwriter who has been creating music for over two decades. Her creative process is driven by her passion for the music industry and her belief that the best work is created when the artist is true to themselves. Hauser understands the importance of collaboration and self-reflection in the creative process and uses her own life experiences to create meaningful music. It is clear that Hauser is an experienced and respected songwriter who continues to create music that resonates with listeners.