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Protecting Yubo Users

Age identification is a primary achievement for Yubo as the communication organization does not rely on advertisements for its income. The French firm only requires a few users. The group only depends on subscription and in-app buying to unlock as many features as possible. The firm has to build a secure community to attract people and build the company.

Yubo is a French startup founded to offer services to its subscribers, including watching videos, playing games, chatting, and making new friends. The group that ensures all its users are safe only allows those under 50 years and above 13 years to use the application. To ensure that all its members are safe, Yubo took the initiative of verifying its members. In May 2022, the management of the application began the identification process. The group’s leaders managed the process well and invited Yoti, a technology company, to carry out the process. The French startup does not ask for its members’ identification documents, so it was up to Yoti to use technology to know the age of the users.

Yoti used its cameras to take photos of the users and a short video call that will identify the member’s ages. It is noted that Yoti’s identification technique is 98.9%. The exercise that began with those under 13 and 14 years before going to other age groups was a success. Yubo noted that members unable to avail themselves of the verification are calling for their accounts to be closed. Sacha Lazima is the ex-creator and the Chief Executive Officer of Yubo. He noted that the application would continue to preserve the safety and that the new applicants would follow the latest rules and regulations. The group has experienced young people pretending to be of age for them to be allowed to use the application. Sacha stated that the organization is responsible for protecting its users from child abuse and other abuses.