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Primary Roles of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF)

ADF is a non-profit Christian organization that advocates for various rights, such as freedom of speech and religion for all people. Here, we will explore ADF and its role in advocating for people’s rights.

Organizational Overview

The law firm was established in 1994 by Christian community leaders. It defends the rights of Christians and other religions, such as Mormons, Jews, and Muslims.

It also acts as a legal advocate in global conflicts, including defending religious minorities who face persecution. Due to its commendable work, Alliance Defending Freedom has been accredited by various international organizations such as the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). It is among the most honored US Supreme Court advocates participating in 72 Supreme Court wins.

Alliance Defending Freedom Responsibilities

The main objective of ADF is to ensure all people access their rights and are not discriminated against. The following are some of the law firm’s functions for society:

Urging for Religious Freedom

Alliance Defending Freedom provides a legal system to defend people’s freedom of religious beliefs and moral convictions without government interference. Its goal is to ensure people share their speech and perception and participate in their sacred ceremonies without fear of government persecution.

Supporting Freedom of Speech

Alliance Defending Freedom allows people to express their beliefs without fear of arrest. They receive legal advice, including how to protect themselves, if they are arrested and charged with an offense of free speech. For example, it has managed more than 400 wins in safeguarding students against their right to free speech.

Sanctity of Human Life

The sacred of human life is found in the dignity of every human being. Alliance Defending Freedom has won multiple cases regarding the sanctity of life from its effective advocacy. It works to ensure courts and laws protect children and women.

Advocating for Parental Rights

ADF assists parents who are denied the right to raise their children. It helps them protect their children’s welfare and health and support their upbringing. In addition, it has worked to fight against racial-based policies in schools that discriminate against minority children.

Bottom Line

Alliance Defending Freedom of a global organization that protects people’s rights. It mainly advocates for privileges, such as freedom of religion, parental rights, and protection of human life. The organization protects the rights of all people to live according to their beliefs and conscience. Go to this page for more information.


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