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NJ Ayuk Africa’s Most Successful Lawyer

NJ Ayuk was born and raised in Cameroon so he can help any team. Centurion Law Group’s revenue is primarily derived from the energy, mining, and banking industries. NJ Ayuk is in charge of the company’s management as a managing partner. He recently assisted Oranto Petroleum, one of Africa’s largest oil exploration firms, in acquiring four significant oil blocks in Niger Republic.

NJ Ayuk Educational and Professional Background

My education and professional experience qualify me for the position of attorney. Before landing a white-collar position, I worked in fast food, construction, and hotel cleaning. I’ve participated in campaigns to promote human rights and democracy because they’re so important to me.

Dr Ron Walters, Jesse Jackson’s deputy campaign manager, assisted you while you were a student at the University of Maryland. Congratulations on establishing Centurion Law Group as one of Africa’s most successful business law firms. Describe what happened first, what happened next, and how this group came to be. When I discovered how large Africa’s oil and gas market was, I decided to look for work there. African oil workers and Western companies looking to do business on the continent faced legal difficulties.

I immediately entered private practice after graduating from a law school in the United States. Because the risk of oil prices falling below $50 per barrel has largely passed, I expect many profitable transactions this quarter. This trend will continue in 2019, along with changes such as easier access to capital markets and more organized value chains. There is a good chance that very large business transactions will occur in 2019. Nigeria has been waiting for the Petroleum Industry Bill to be passed for a long time, which has slowed onshore and offshore exploration and, more importantly, converting gas into cash.

Looking back on my career, I am thankful for the opportunity to negotiate oil and gas contracts and mining deals in over seventeen African countries. One of my proudest achievements was defeating a powerful oil company in court years ago. It is necessary to make OPEC members uncomfortable to persuade them to admit Equatorial Guinea and Congo-Brazzaville. The African legal system should examine its history to see if it is on the right side of the debate. Because the era of colonialism has passed, we can no longer play the victim card or blame white people.

Africa needs to invest more money and effort in this industry immediately, and now is the time to figure out how. In Africa, gas is in high demand both domestically and internationally. Gas will continue to replace coal as an energy source for electricity generation. The amount of LNG exported is about to skyrocket due to the completion of numerous new LNG export terminals over the next two years. I’ve always had trouble with new attorneys because I can be a strict taskmaster who demands results.

You cannot be arrogant or act as if you are entitled to anything if you want to advance in your organization. Always consider whether your work contributes to your employer’s success. Centurion is not for the faint of heart, but I have an unusually strong sense of urgency, so I’ve done well here. African countries must take the lead in negotiating contract transparency and complete comprehension rules. The majority of government employees need to become more familiar with loan contracts.