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Miki Agrawal Discusses Her Unique Business Adventures

Social entrepreneur Miki Agrawal is the creator of numerous businesses. TUSHY, her most recent business endeavor, is a modern bidet company with the lofty goal of revolutionizing the staid field of bathroom cleanliness.

Miki Agrawal is known for shaking things up by offering novel approaches to long-standing problems, frequently in traditionally taboo fields. Miki, then in her mid-20s, quit her job in investment banking to launch her gluten-free farm-to-table pizza business, Wild, in 2006.


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She founded and served as CEO of THINX, a company that makes stylish and functional period panties for women. After seeing the magnitude of the difficulty that mothers today face due to minor bladder leakage, Miki Agrawal set out to find a solution that would allow leaking women to regain their confidence and self-esteem.

With her latest offering, TUSHY, Miki Agrawal is aiming for the dated bathroom market. Miki discusses her newest company, TUSHY, in an interview with BIllion Success. In addition, she stresses the value of being authentic when doing business.

Miki identifies the top three abilities that have contributed to her business success. Some of these are asking pertinent questions, being willing to take calculated risks, and associating with like-minded individuals. She claims that challenging established norms is something she’s done naturally since she was a kid. She has faith that every person working at TUSHY possesses a special talent.

Miki describes the plans for TUSHY’s development. She claims that TUSHY’s long-term objective is to dominate the American bidet market. She thinks it will get more innovative as it grows in size. According to her analysis, Tushy has a firm grasp on what makes its brand unique and appealing to consumers. As a result, they will keep coming up with brilliantly original and visually stunning advertising campaigns.

Miki discussed the errors she made when she first started her own business. She committed the first error of never wanting to look foolish or make a fool of herself. Her second error was that she was too hard on herself, and her third error was that she thought she had to complete everything at once in order to succeed.