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Krishen Iyer Launches Affordable Care Act Technology-Driven Company

Krishen Iyer has taken an innovative approach to help people gain access to low-cost health insurance through the launch of MAIS Insurance & Consulting. It is a technology-based health insurance agency and ACA TPA. Over 10 weeks ago, MCIS received its first round of funding with a commitment from its founder and co-investor, Krishen Iyer. 


According to the business leader Krishen Iyer, the company aims to assist 23 states that offer the Affordable Care Act (ACA). MAIS’s main focus is to be an industry leader by providing comprehensive navigation, enrollment and placement services in the ACA. They plan to do this within 12 months by utilizing their technological, distributional and market know-how and contracted service offerings. To support this rapid growth rate, the company is beginning to search for additional financiers for their next round of funding. 


Upon launching MAIS, COO Shawn Lougrhan said, “MAIS offers our customers an unparalleled combination of convenience, accessibility and affordability on health care coverage. Krishen Iyer adds: our goal is always to empower individuals with necessary resources and knowledge to make informed decisions regarding health care plans”. 


He understands the importance of solutions that work for everyone – not only does it benefit everyone directly involved but those looking for quality healthcare coverage based on their individual needs as well (Prdistribution). 

The future looks promising for MAIS Insurance & Consulting because of Krishen Iyer’s ingenuity in creating specialized services for those in need of them, providing practical solutions around health care coverage at affordable rates. People should contact Shawn Loughran at [email protected] or 7608850200 if they have any questions or would like more information on how MAIS can help them with their current healthcare situation.