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Joseph Ashford Ellis has not forgotten where he Came From

Joseph Ashford Ellis has built his company K4 Global by engaging in different industries. He has an international portfolio that includes media, real estate, and classic cars. Now, the serial entrepreneur has added sporting events to his resume. He recently spearheaded a successful boxing match in his hometown of Bournemouth, England.

Titled The Battle of the Beach, the match featured fighters Chris Billam-Smith and Isaac Chamberlain. Chris Billam-Smith won the 12-round battle that was held in July. Promoting company Boxxer and the media company Comcast Corps Sky Sports assisted Joseph Ashford Ellis in planning and hosting the event.

Mr. Ellis had several reasons for hosting the boxing match in Bournemouth. First, because it is his hometown. Secondly, and most importantly, because of the lack of events held in the seaside town. Boxing is an incredibly popular sport in England, but often events are hosted in the same locations. Mr. Ellis thought it was time for another place to shine and figured that his hometown would be the perfect location.

Though there were difficulties with getting organizers and fighters to come to the town at first, Mr. Ellis eventually got all parties to agree. The success of the logistics, as well as the event itself, has garnered much praise for Joseph Ashford Ellis. He has claimed that it has been a tremendous personal achievement. He has also said that he is enjoying the recognition that he is receiving from the public and his peers.

Now that Bournemouth has so much attention on it, Mr. Ellis plans to bring more events to the town. There is another boxing match in the works and a concert headlined by Rapper The Game.

Joseph Ashford Ellis lives with his wife and three children. The hospitality that he has shown his hometown is an extension of his company K4 Global.

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