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Ishcmc American Academy

In the United States, many schools can help students pursue their dreams. For example, the Ishcmc American Academy is a specialized school that takes a different approach than other accredited institutions. It is a leading international secondary school in HCMC, Vietnam. The school’s curriculum is based on a combination of American and global approaches. HCMC also provides students a strong foundation for higher education in Vietnam or abroad. The Academy offers students excellent academics in the morning and prepares them for further studies after graduation. Students can learn from experienced faculty who have had years of experience teaching at top schools worldwide.

We offer a broad and diverse curriculum using the latest methods and technologies. Every child is unique, with special talents and interests. Everyone has something important to share with their peers, family, and the community. Our curriculum is designed to provide opportunities for individual students to discover their strengths and develop these strengths throughout their academic careers.

The Ishcmc American Academy offers a robust and family-like community in a safe, comfortable, academically challenging environment. A student-centered approach at the Academy allows each student the room to grow in ways that are not possible when in a larger school. Our small class sizes allow the instructors to focus on each child’s needs and interests.

Students at Ishcmc American Academy, Vietnam, get a unique, personalized experience with a great classroom environment. The students are challenged with the necessary academics to prepare them for life after high school. They also gain enrichment activities involving leadership skills and social responsibility.