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IM Academy: Digital Forex Education Online

IM Academy is a digital forex education online to teach students how to trade on the Forex market. Learn about Forex trading systems in various classes covering everything from beginner basics to advanced techniques. You will learn everything from risk management to make a successful trading career transition. No matter your level of experience and knowledge, this school covers you. The Academy also provides a rich community of traders who look forward to helping newbies learn the ropes and seasoned veterans sharpen their skills. With IM, you can quickly build upon your trading knowledge and hone your skills.

IM Academy Website

IM Academy is made available via its website at IM.Academy. All information about the school and its trading products is available on this website, as well as all community discussions, product tests, and knowledge base articles. The IM website is a great first step in your forex trading career. There are the products and the community, and you can also enroll in forex trading classes.

Moreover, IBO Academy is not an IM training program or service. The Academy is far more than a web-based school and community; it offers a complete trading infrastructure that can take you from beginner to expert trader with the right knowledge, experience, tools, and guidance. See this page to learn more.

The IM Management Team

The IM Academy Management Team consists of a group of highly experienced traders who have unparalleled knowledge and Forex Trading experience. They have developed IM from the ground up and saw it grow from a simple Forex website with just a few members to the website it is today. The key Senior Executive Officers are Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre. They are supported by trusted advisors who know the industry thoroughly.

The Academy Community is the center of all activity for the school. It is made up of members who are volunteers and investors. Within this forum, you will find a wealth of information from students and instructors on any topic related to forex trading.


For IOS users, visit their app on