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Hughes Marino: Strategies businesses can consider to make workplaces enjoyable

The COVID-19 pandemic has subsided all around the world, and employees are now returning to their offices. But with the return to work comes a flurry of responsibilities, and endless meetings. Many companies are struggling to find ways to help employees be more productive and happier with their workplace. To that end, Hughes Marino Planning + Design team has provided some strategies businesses can consider to make their workplaces enjoyable.


  1. Implement an environment that encourages collaboration


A collaborative environment with a comfortable, open workspace where people are encouraged to brainstorm, create and work together to reach their professional goals is ideal. Employees become more engaged, productive and motivated to perform at their best. Hughes Marino’s expertise in workplace planning and design includes flexible layouts and a wide range of furniture solutions to support collaborative environments. 


Additionally, technological enhancements such as HD video conferencing, real-time collaboration tools and digital content management systems allow for informal workgroups to meet electronically regardless of their location.


  1. Make it a comfortable workplace


Hughes Marino specialists know that employees who love their office are more productive, more engaged and have lower turnover rates. The representation firm´s workplace planning and design approach is centered around creating spaces that enable and inspire employees to be their best and in turn create workplaces that are enjoyable to show off. To achieve this, we take a holistic approach of considering the needs of each employee within the context of their team and how they interact with others. According to Hughes Marino, these considerations include factors such as workstation equipment placement and provision for natural light, temperature control, privacy, ergonomic comfort, safety and security.


  1. Incorporate work and play in the same space

Hughes Marion helps businesses grow. As people are increasingly spending more time at the office, it’s becoming more important to create a good work-life balance. Ensure employees have the opportunity to unwind, improve health and wellbeing through well designed break out spaces that enable them to take a break from the office and have some fun.