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How Can We Stop the Sixth Mass Extinction? – Colcom Foundation

As far as we know, there have been a couple mass extinction events around the world. Each has been caused by an event that drastically changed the earth’s system such as large-scale volcanic eruptions, and the ice age. However, the ongoing sixth mass extinction event today is wholly driven by a single species, humans.

The Sixth Mass Extinction is happening right now, and it is a tragedy of our own doing. But we can still stop it and save thousands of species from going extinct due to our greed for money and power.

We know we have a need for water, food, shelter, and other resources, but if we continue to do so without respecting the cycles and limits of nature, we will run out of resources. We will cause not only the extinction of other species but also us. In order to stop this, we need to find ways to change how we live and how we work, find new sources of revenue and develop new systems for distributing goods that suit the human population.

This is what Colcom Foundation is all about—finding ways where we can live in harmony with nature’s cycles instead of against them.

Colcom Foundation seeks to stop the sixth mass extinction in three different ways.

  1. Supporting environmental and conservation projects

Through its environmental and conservation grant making program, Colcom Foundation supports projects and institutions that protect the environment. Funding goes to restoration of habitats, conservation of biodiversity through research, policy, education and lobbying activities.

  1. Supporting global research on human overpopulation

Colcom Foundation also supports research in global population dynamics as a threat to the biosphere. The foundation funds research and promotes information exchange on the state of the human population’s long-term future.

  1. Support project that enrich quality of life through sustainable living

Funding is given to individuals and organizations that have expertise in sustaining and enhancing the well-being of communities through education, skill-building, livelihood development and strengthening of natural resources management.

These three pillars—environmental & conservation, global research on population dynamics, and sustainable living—are integrated into Colcom Foundation’s strategy to create a better world for all. See this page for additional information.


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