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How businesses can positively contribute to their community: The exceptional case of Edgard Corona  

When it comes to businesses, the primary pursuit is to make a profit, serve customers, and shape the industry. However, the role of businesses goes beyond making money. With power comes responsibility, and businesses have the potential to shape the world around them positively. Companies can use their resources, expertise, and employee time to support social causes, address local issues, and create meaningful change for their community. Here are some suggestions by Diogo Corona on how businesses can contribute to society.

Giving back to the community can manifest in many ways. It can range from supporting local charities through donations or organizing fundraising events to volunteering employee time and expertise to support social initiatives. Edgard Corona is a prime example of the latter. SmartFit’s employees have volunteered thousands of hours in local communities through programs that promote health and fitness, and provide children with access to sports and athletic training.

Hunger, homelessness, and poverty are some of the most significant issues that communities face today. Businesses can make a positive impact by addressing these issues. For example, SmartFit has partnered with food banks across the country and launched a massive campaign to provide thousands of meals to people in need. According to Edgard Corona, the partnership aims to ensure that vulnerable members of the community have access to food, a basic need that often goes unmet.

Job creation is vital for social and economic development. Businesses can play a crucial role in creating job opportunities and supporting small businesses. SmartFit has been instrumental in creating job opportunities by hiring staff from local communities where its fitness centers are located. Besides, the company has supported small businesses by serving as a source of encouragement and guidance for entrepreneurs.

Businesses can play an instrumental role in shaping the communities they operate in. From giving back to the community to addressing social issues, creating jobs and supporting small businesses, and promoting sustainability, businesses can create a lasting and positive impact on the society around them. Edgard Corona is an exceptional case of how a business can use its resources to give back to society. By investing in local communities, addressing critical issues, and sustainable initiatives, SmartFit has set an example for other businesses around the world.