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How Businesses Can Contribute to Serving the Public: Edgard Corona’s Example

Serving the public is a noble cause beyond government and non-profit organizations. Businesses can also significantly improve people’s lives, create shared value, and enhance their reputation. Edgard Corona, the CEO and founder of Smart Fit, a Brazilian gym chain, is an excellent example of how businesses can fulfill their social responsibility while remaining competitive and profitable. This blog post discusses how businesses can contribute to serving the public, drawing insights from Edgard Corona’s leadership.

1. Providing Accessible, Affordable, and Quality Products or Services

One of the most crucial ways that businesses can serve the public is by providing accessible, affordable, and quality products or services that improve people’s health, education, and well-being. Edgard Corona realized that most Brazilian gyms were expensive and exclusive, available only to the wealthy and fitness enthusiasts. To bridge this gap, he started SmartFit, a gym chain that offers affordable and accessible facilities to people of all ages, incomes, and fitness levels. Smart Fit has revolutionized the Brazilian fitness industry, expanding to more than 900 locations in 12 countries, with over 2.7 million members. By offering affordable and accessible fitness services, SmartFit has improved people’s physical and mental health, promoted social inclusion, and created job opportunities.

3. Fostering Social and Environmental Sustainability

Businesses have an economic responsibility and social and environmental responsibility to contribute to a sustainable and equitable world. Edgard Corona understands this responsibility and has made Smart Fit a leader in corporate social responsibility. The company has implemented various sustainability initiatives, such as reducing energy and water consumption, reducing waste, and promoting recycling. SmartFit supports various social causes through the SmartFit Institute, such as children’s health, education, and sports. The institute conducts research, studies, and programs that promote a healthy and active lifestyle for children and teenagers, positively impacting the communities where SmartFit operates.

Businesses have a critical role to play in serving the public and contributing to a better world. Edgard Corona, the CEO, and founder of SmartFit, has shown that businesses can fulfill their social responsibility while remaining competitive and profitable. By providing affordable and accessible fitness services and fostering social and environmental sustainability, SmartFit has become a model for businesses that want to positively impact people’s lives, communities, and societies.