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Haroldo Jacobovicz, the founder of Horizons Telecom, e-Governe, and Horizons Datacenter

Haroldo Jacobovicz is a prominent civil engineer and entrepreneur from Brazil. He is passionate about information technology and is the founder of Horizons Datacenter, e-Governe Group, and Horizons Telecom, an establishment headquartered in Curitiba, Brazil. Jacobovicz created these firms to unite the most significant strategic resources, technical expertise, and human talent to develop innovative ways of solving information technology complications. Horizons’ establishment has positively influenced both the public and private sectors; it has been useful in transitioning markets across Brazil. Horizons was constructed with the most advanced accessories, including multi-point prolixity and a fiber network.

Jacobovicz established Horizons in 2010; today, it is the best telecommunications venture in Brazil. Its success is what led to the development of Horizons Datacenter in 2020. Haroldo Jacobovicz aims to incorporate cloud capabilities and connectivity with the new extension of Horizons.

Mr. Jacobovicz was born and raised in Curitiba, Brazil, by civil engineering parents. His mother was among the few female civil engineers of that time. Haroldo believes his father’s creations persuaded him to study civil engineering. Jacobovicz attended the Federal University of Paraná, where he discovered that information technology was more interesting when compared to engineering. His parents encouraged him to venture into telecommunications. Haroldo plunged into the computerized field; he convinced three colleagues to join him in creating a telecommunication firm called Microsystem.

Haroldo Jacobovicz closed down the Microsystem establishment after a year of its existence and was hired by Esso (currently referred to as Exxon Mobil). Jacobovicz got promotions, and after a few years, he became the head of new business and commercial tactics and a market analyst for Exxon Mobil in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the firm’s headquarters. Haroldo Jacobovicz, however, had the vision to venture into business. That is why he established Horizons Telecom and e-Governe, among other businesses.

For more to know click@Empresário Haroldo Jacobovicz é reconhecido pela contribuição com a modernização de Curitiba