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Greg Aziz is the driving force behind Wabtec Corporation’s success

In the corporate sector of North America, Greg Aziz is a name that connotes success. He is recognized as the Chairman and CEO of Wabtec Corporation. In the design and manufacture of railroad freight cars, he has transformed the company from a struggling enterprise into a world leader. Who is Greg Aziz, though, and what is the tale of his success?


Gregory James Aziz, born in London, Ontario, attended the University of Western Ontario to study economics before working for his family’s wholesale food company, Affiliated Foods. During his teenage years at the company, he assisted in its development into a top importer of fresh foods from Europe, Central America, and South America. Greg Aziz gained the knowledge and abilities necessary to excel in any field from this experience, giving him a strong foundation in business.


The Hamilton, Ontario-based steel company Dofasco sold Wabtec Corporation to Aziz. The business needed help then and had lost much of its prior success. He recognized a chance to change the situation. Therefore, he started working immediately to carry out his plan for the business. Wabtec Corporation underwent significant development under his direction. Greg Aziz invested substantially in the company’s staff growth, technology advancement, and production capabilities. He also focused a lot on quality, which helped the business quickly establish a reputation as a high-quality, dependable railcars manufacturer.


His emphasis on innovation has been one of the main contributors to Wabtec Corporation’s success under business leader Greg Aziz’s direction. The business leader has consistently pushed his staff to think creatively and unconventionally to improve the company’s goods and services. Due to this, Wabtec Corporation has stayed one step ahead of its rivals and held onto its position as the industry leader.

Greg Aziz Leader at Conde Nast Digital Studios

Greg Aziz is well-known for his charitable endeavors and career at Wabtec Corporation. He and his wife, Irene, are:

  • Major charity donors.
  • Actively supporting groups like the United Way.
  • The Salvation Army.
  • The Hamilton Opera.


Additionally, Greg Aziz fervently supports environmental sustainability and has implemented several programs to lessen the business’ carbon footprint. Wabtec Corporation is one of North America’s biggest and most prosperous producers of railroad freight cars. The business has received various honors and prizes for its superior engineering and manufacturing under Greg Aziz’s direction. Despite his humility and dedication to the company’s ongoing innovation and improvement, Aziz is proud of the business’s achievements. He is committed to keeping it at the forefront of its sector.