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Entertainment Attorney André Des Rochers: Navigating the Hollywood Legal Landscape

André Des Rochers is a leading entertainment attorney who has been instrumental in helping countless clients shape the Hollywood scene. As co-founder of Gray Krauss Stratford Sandler LLP and partner at Granderson Des Rochers, he has negotiated, structured, and executed deals for some of the industry’s most influential and successful music, film, and television executives.


Up to now, the attorney André Des Rochers is renowned for his extensive knowledge of the entertainment industry and his ability to provide strategic advice that meets clients’ needs. He is committed to protecting artists’ intellectual property rights and works extensively with recording artists, songwriters, record labels, and other players in the music business. His practice also includes representation for innovative live-streaming platforms.


Also, gaming companies, and fashion brands seeking endorsement deals or sponsorship opportunities. In addition to music-related matters, André Des Rochers has been involved in numerous high-profile film transactions on behalf of production companies. This, while serving as production counsel for independent films. 


He understands both sides of a deal—the creative aspects and legal structures—making him an invaluable asset when it comes time to close negotiations quickly yet efficiently without sacrificing any party’s interests or objectives. Beyond his accomplishments within Hollywood circles, he strives towards fostering gender equality by contributing towards uplifting communities the GDR firm serves. The firm is led by André Des Rochers alongside Damien Granderson.

This commitment reflects upon the diverse workforce at Granderson Des Rochers, which continues to support its equally diverse roster of clients from all walks of life. André Des Rochers is an exemplary example of what can be achieved when passion meets expertise. Having navigated some of the most culturally significant deals across multiple industries, including fashion, podcasting, and digital media, he stands undisputedly among the top attorneys navigating today’s ever-shifting legal landscape of Hollywood.