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Edgard Corona is a Member of the Bar Association

Edgard Corona, founding partner and CEO of SmartFit, Inc., has worked in fitness, wellness, and wellness Bio Ritmo technology. He has been a personal trainer for more than 25 years and wrote The Fit Drug for Dummies. Since launching SmartFit and the team have developed a suite of innovative products that enable users to wirelessly monitor their weight-loss progress from the convenience of a smartphone app.

Among these are cutting-edge sensors that measure calories burned and other vital health stats such as sleep quality. Moreover, these sensors communicate wirelessly with an accompanying smartphone app that helps users track their progress over time.

1. Career

Edgard Corona was born in San Jose, California. There, he attended Santa Teresa High School and graduated from Santa Clara University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Education. He then entered the Master of Science program in Exercise and Sports Studies at California State University, Long Beach, and he received his degree in 2012.

2. Professional background

After graduating from college, Corona began working for a personal trainer out of Los Angeles. During that time, he began writing The Fit Drug for Dummies book series, which was published in many countries worldwide, including Brazil, China, India, and Mexico.

3. Giving Back

Edgard Corona is a member of the bar association in California. He also received the Foster Parent of the Year award and a Youth Development and Mentoring Award. Through his charity, Edgard also provides community and education grants to children through organizations such as Boys & Girls Clubs, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Homeboy Industries. He is also a philanthropist who supports charities in several locations worldwide.

Edgard Corona is a successful fitness entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to helping others. He and the Smart Fit team are using creative technology Bio Ritmo to improve lives worldwide by creating a company that helps people take control of their health.

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