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Dr. Barry Lall Discusses What Sports Teaches You About Entrepreneurship

Barry Lall shares some insights he has gained from studying sports. He explains how athletes often face tenacious opponents and how they think about resolving the problem. Dr. Bharat Lall suggests that you can apply these models to your career decisions.

Discipline is essential for success. It only sometimes comes naturally, but it can be achieved through practice and preparation. Sports offer many examples of exercising discipline, particularly when you realize that many sports are contested over time and are not won or lost in one game or round. The Olympics, for instance, is a series of events, and medals are won, but not necessarily at the first or last event. Lall goes on to say that many sports have extremely good discipline. He cites tennis and weightlifting as examples of intense concentration and discipline to succeed.

In sports, it is essential to make quick decisions. Lall cites a player’s ability to react quickly as the difference between victory and defeat. In the Olympics, for example, one-hundredth of a second is a significant amount of time in determining who will receive a gold medal. The same principle applies to entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are often faced with making difficult decisions under extreme pressure.

Lall says that in any sport or business, the goal is to win or succeed. But sometimes, we lose or fail. He believes the best athletes and entrepreneurs know how to rebound from failure. Perhaps they realize that they have not lost the game but lost a round. Both good and bad things are certain to occur. He goes on to say that entrepreneurs who have lost or failed have often been able to turn the tide in their success by turning their focus on the next venture.

Barry serves as CEO and President of Pinnacle Hotels in the United States. He has worked as a financial consultant, venture capitalist, and manager at several top companies and ventures. Barry Lall is a graduate of Glasgow University School of Medical.

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