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Damien Granderson Featured at the Law Technology News

Entertainment lawyer Damien Granderson is a private practice lawyer focusing on law and technology. He has also been a guest lecturer at Harvard Law School, the University of Chicago Law School, Stanford Law School, Columbia Law School, and other universities. The successful entertainment attorney is an occasional guest commentator on television networks such as MSNBC and C-SPAN. 


Successful lawyer Damien Granderson has testified before Congress about e-discovery reform, among other topics. He was given a pivotal role in the 2007 movie Michael Clayton depicting high-profile mergers and acquisitions litigators at fictional Cincinnati-based law firm Kenner & Bach working for energy titan U/North Corporation. The movie was released theatrically in 2007 (New Line Cinema) and became an award-nominated motion picture. 


His outstanding book “Mindful of the Law” co-authored with Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig was released in 2008. It critiques copyright law, free speech, and other pressing legal issues with Lessig’s insight, his experience, and clarity of thought. Damien Granderson is a contributor to Down With the Old Partisanship (an online publication by Bridge Magazine).


The lawyer Damien Granderson has written and lectured on the concept of “mindfulness” about law practice. He is a proponent of mindfulness as a means to manage stress and anxiety (both present in high quantities in the legal profession) and to achieve greater happiness in life. 


His views on this topic are controversial, particularly among his fellow lawyers. His book Mindful Of The Law was released in 2008. In 2014, he was named one of the 20 most prominent influencers in legal technology by Law Technology News. For those seeking to take their legal practice to the next level, successful entertainment lawyer Damien Granderson recommends Mindful of the Law.