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Colcom Foundation

Colcom Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization that helps people living with poverty, addiction, and mental health. We are dedicated to providing hope for those struggling in their lives, no matter their situation.

Our mission is to provide public health education, prevention services, housing, and supportive resources for homeless individuals. We also offer services and opportunities for self-sufficiency through vocational training, employment integration, education, and life advancement programs.

They support education through the Allegheny Front, a public media program that covers environmental problems in western Pennsylvania. The foundation has an internship summer program that helps upcoming artists and undergraduate and graduate scholars learn studio operations and management. Students can sharpen their skills and work with the most remarkable artists during their learning.

In today’s society, Colcom Foundation has a specific mission – to assist Americans with their opportunities. Our non-profit organization aims to reduce the incidence of poverty and crime by providing support and assistance for those who need it most.

Our services for the homeless vary, depending on each client’s unique needs. We provide food, clothing, and vital information about available resources in each client’s area. The Foundation is committed to delivering Colcom scholarships for children of those in poverty, empowering them to achieve their goals and dreams. We hope our children will not experience the challenges we have had as adults, thus ensuring a positive and fulfilling life.

The Foundation is committed to providing programs that help clients improve their quality of life through education and training, aftercare support, and case management services. We aim to enable clients with disabilities to get back on track by obtaining job skills and certifications. We also offer training programs in the areas of family life education and parenting, as well as provide education on basic household management skills.

Finally, Colcom Foundation is committed to providing opportunities available to those who may not have them otherwise. We strive to aid those in need by offering job placement programs, employment coaching, and community service opportunities. We hope to encourage our clients with disabilities not only to achieve desirable employment outcomes but also to succeed by giving them the vocational skills that they need.

Colcom Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps millions of Americans get back on their feet with the needed resources. We offer assistance to help people develop positive lifestyles and provide programs that will ensure the betterment of society. We hope to allow those in poverty to discover what is possible by providing them with the resources that are vitally necessary for success. Visit this page to learn more.


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