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Citizen App Benefits

Citizen app is a mobile developed by New York-based startup sp0n to foster civic engagement and make cities better places to live. It was first launched under the name “Vigilante”, in its earlier versions, it was a platform where people could report and share crimes anonymously. It was later changed to its current version. Citizen app is a mobile app that allows users to report crime, traffic violations, and other issues anonymously and directly to their local police. It also enables immediate alerts so that citizens can take action immediately.

When Citizen App is opened, citizens must choose which crime or issue category should be reported. After choosing one of the categories, citizens must enter the address (where the issue occurred), upload images and videos, and write a brief report. After completing the form, users can press the “submit” button and share their reports with police officers.

Users can also choose to share the reports with the police officer. In this case, the users will have full access to all detailed information, videos, and images.

Once users submit their reports, it is uploaded to a cloud for police officers to review them and for other citizens near or near that location to view them. This also allows users to mark their site on a map and share it with others.

The Citizen App is designed for police to use as a solution for immediate contact with the public and in-depth information about an incident. The data from the reports will help increase response times from police officers, improve police efficiency and effectiveness, and maximize security and crime prevention.

Citizens can be anonymous during the reporting process, but they will have to expose their names if they are selected by the police officer to participate in a private investigation. This also allows them to earn rewards in citizen points which can be used as coupons or refunded as cash.

Citizen app – the key benefits for cities:

The information from reports will help increase response times from police officers, improve police efficiency as well as effectiveness, and maximize security and crime prevention.

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