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CEO Don Manifold’s Achievement

Don Manifold, a specialist in mergers and acquisitions, also founded his advisory firm to further business interests away from the office environment. He chairs several companies’ boards of directors, including ADX Depot, EC Carpets, and Hybrid Ag, all headquartered out of state but still providing jobs locally through their supply chain networks.

Don Manifold has spent almost thirty years in the commercial world, with his last quarter being spent at corporate finance firms. He’s worked for some of history’s most prestigious professional services organizations and now shares that knowledge through transaction advising work.

Among other locations, he has worked in England, Australia, and Croatia. Don Manifold has assisted customers in raising $60 billion via acquisitions, sales, capital raises, and IPOs. Both public and private companies are involved in these transactions.

As an independent expert, he has also conducted over fifty assessments and valuations for customers whose firms are collectively worth more than $25 billion. Among these clients are some of South Australia’s finest companies.
The purchase of Adelaide Bank, ABB Grain, and the sale of Powerhealth are further examples of recent significant commercial transactions.

At age 26, Don was already an experienced professional when he earned his master’s degree in 2004. He had worked for six years across three different countries with varying industries and clients during this period. Serving as a consultant or accountant where needed.

In 2006 summer, break from work brought him back to Adelaide, where KPMG offered positions on both land-management consulting projects alongside other larger firms, such as the PwC United Kingdom. It wasn’t long before these experiences combined made up one very interesting career journey that continues today.

While working in South Australia and Northern Territory, Don was promoted through the ranks to become a Managing Partner. In 2018, he co-founded Equity & Advisory with his brother Mark, who had also left EY after ten years of service there.