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Boraie Development’s Vision for Atlantic City

Wasseem Boraie works at Boraie Development LLC as the vice president. He is the visionary of urban development and works together with his father and brother, Omar and Sam respectively. For over 35 years, the family has been in development projects in New Jersey.

Reshaping Cocurricular Education: A Spotlight on Deena Boraie | The American University in Cairo

Wasseem Boraie Development LLC is a firm that focuses on urban development projects in various parts of New Jersey real estate communities. The firm has expanded its horizons by starting new projects in Atlantic City, New Brunswick, and Newark.

About - Boraie Development

Highlighting the seem-to-be challenging projects of Wasseem Boraie Development in Atlantic City, Wasseem Boraie has deemed the claims proving them wrong by building a massive successful project. Atlantic City has a historical reputation of not withholding projects for the long term because of its high crimes and few public transports.

Wasseem Boraie saw an opportunity for housing development in Atlantic City and embarked on an $85 million project in 2018. He started with 600 North Beach residences on the south inlet of the Atlantic City neighborhood. Within months the North Beach was half capacity a surprise to natives because for years the area had no other projects apart from the Casino.

Wasseem Boraie saw Atlantic city as a city where people would live and thrive in. The area started to grow, and Stockton University started its campus the year NoBe residences started leasing. The Hard Rock Café helped the place have many people visiting. Refer to this article to learn more.

Wasseem Boraie development started the Atlantic project with 250 units in the first phase, and was quickly received positively. Wassem Boraie stated that, the lack of opportunity to buy land and start new projects in Atlantic City made it have a bad reputation. He sees his projects in the Atlantic city as the future foundation of residentials.