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Bernard Acoca Review

Over the years, Bernard Acoca, the new Zaxby’s CEO has been a man of many talents. He continues to pour his energy and creativity into his work, with an eye on growing the company and making good food for folks across The United States. Bernard Acoca worked his way up through various positions until 2021, when he became CEO of Zaxby’s Restaurant Corporation.

His role as CEO of Zaxby’s Restaurant Corporation has seen him manage the growth and expansion of Zaxby’s from a few shops to over 900 locations. These units have seen triple-digit growth in recent years and have even increased their franchisee base. The move is challenging, but Acoca feels plenty of opportunities for success in Zaxby’s. Zaxby’s CEO is bringing something new to this market, which means he can attract many new customers who need to learn about Zaxby’s concept.

In addition to his work with Zaxby’s, he has also been involved with Starbucks and El Pollo Locos. He has been responsible for running the day-to-day operations of these companies and has seen much success over the years.

Bernard Acoca demonstrates leadership qualities such as setting and communicating a vision. Bernard Acoca has experience working in fast-food restaurants that require customer interaction skills because many employers also expect experience. He has experience in the corporate world as a marketing executive and as a COO of various companies. He is known to be a very hard worker but is also good at delegating tasks when necessary.

Mr. Acoca thinks outside the box and develops new ideas to get customers through the door. Bernard is creative and analytical to ensure he takes care of all his staff. The values he learned by working in retail have helped him bring that same energy to Zaxby’s, and he has managed to increase profits simultaneously. See this page for additional information.


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