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AUREA’s Multi-Family Business Model And Its Founder, Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva is the co-founder and CEO of AUREA Multi Family Office, a multi-family group firm. Since its inception, AUREA, led by Raffaele Riva has been a driving force in developing international family planning services, has purchased or founded several innovative new products and services, and has helped drive the growth of several high-value, high-quality families.

Since Raffaele Riva founded AUREA in 2008, the company has been consistently judged as one of the world’s most successful family planning firms. In 2017, AUREA was awarded “alidad” by Spain’s Miurama magazine as the best family planning firm in Europe. In addition, Raffaele Riva is currently awarded “effort” by Spain’s Miurama magazine as the best family planning firm in Europe.

AUREA’s success has resulted from his dedication to his clients and the development of international family planning services. Since its inception, Raffaele Riva has developed the business with his recipe for success. He knows his stuff. He has vast business experience, and he’s ensured that the AUREA Multi-Family Group has been successful too.

AUREA is a suite of unique services that provide high-level financial services to wealthy clients in several countries. The group includes a television and movie theater company, a fashion company, and other businesses that offer legal, real estate, and investment services.

AUREA Multi Family Office has been successful in managing the financial future of high-upholders, with very few attempts at debt financing has been successful at. This is due to the group’s focus on providing high-level financial service to high-upholders with significant assets. Only some attempts at creative short-term debt financing have successfully managed money.

The AUREA Multi-Family Group has managed wealth for some of the world’s top names. Its success has been marked by using only the most current and reliable technologies and focusing on providing high-quality services at a reasonable cost. Due to the company’s strong name-branding and offshoots, AUREA has remained a family-owned business for centuries. Visit this page to learn more.


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