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Alejandro Pena Keter CEO Drives Sustainability Goals Forward

Alejandro Pena Spearheads Sustainable Innovation as Keter CEO

With a strong emphasis on sustainability, Alejandro Pena spearheads initiatives to drive positive change within Keter. He firmly believes that integrating environmental consciousness and making positive community contributions aligns with the company’s values and provides a competitive advantage in the long term.

According to Pena, Keter’s unwavering commitment to sustainability has yielded notable outcomes within the company and in its external relationships. Within the company, it instills a deep sense of pride among employees who value being part of an environmentally conscious organization. Externally, it has earned the company a high reputation among major retailers who face increasing expectations to meet sustainability standards set by various stakeholders, including communities, investors, lenders, and shareholders.

Under Alejandro Pena’s leadership, sustainability has been seamlessly integrated into every aspect of Keter’s operations. Pena actively promotes the company’s mission to minimize the use of virgin resources in product manufacturing and champions waste reduction throughout the value chain.

Pena emphasized that Keter’s success in 2021 was a direct result of its dedication to sustainability. He underscored the significant impact of the Keter Everyday Sustainability Pledge on the company’s day-to-day activities. Over the years, the company has achieved remarkable progress in decreasing carbon emissions by integrating recycled resin into its manufacturing processes and streamlining operations to enhance efficiency.

Alejandro Pena’s leadership revolves around two primary priorities. Firstly, he emphasizes developing and producing innovative consumer lifestyle solutions, leveraging the company’s expertise in producing high-quality products that can be used in settings like homes, indoor and outdoor storage spaces, and gardens. Concurrently, Pena greatly emphasizes sustainable manufacturing practices that leverage recycled materials and cutting-edge technologies. This dual focus positions the business as a driving force toward sustainability while delivering innovative products to customers.

As Alejandro Pena looks towards the future, he envisions Keter’s continued success as the industry’s foremost innovative and sustainable company. Pena’s vision includes transforming the company into an omnichannel-focused and product-centric organization, prioritizing accessibility for consumers.