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About Jonas Lauren Norr, The Co-Founder of Crypto Lotus

“The Crypto Lotus team is a group of Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. We know the products, we understand the market, and we have the expertise to develop strategies for our clients.” The blockchain industry is now a billion-dollar market. As the market has grown, so has the number of people involved. More people are joining to benefit from the lucrative opportunities that come with cryptocurrency investments. They believe in building long-term portfolios filled with worthwhile crypto assets and are looking for organizations that can help them do this. Jonas Lauren Norr, the founder and managing partner of Crypto Lotus, is one of the people who have a firm understanding of how to do this. According to him, Crypto Lotus was established with a long-term vision. “Crypto Lotus is not just your average cryptocurrency investment boutique,” he said. “We’re looking to help our clients create long-term portfolios filled with valuable crypto assets.” Crypto Lotus helps its clients build their portfolios by identifying promising blockchain projects early on and adding them to the portfolio.

1)About Jonas Lauren Norr

According to Jonas Lauren Norr, the co-founder of Crypto Lotus, today’s education system is slow to evolve about the growing need for blockchain experts. “The education system is not producing enough Blockchain and cryptocurrency professionals because it takes many years to develop someone into a Blockchain expert. Nobody can become an expert in one year or two years. It takes 4-5 years to develop an expert.” He also added that there is a limit regarding how many students can be taught in one class at any given time. So, if the number of students trying to become blockchain experts is more than the number of teachers who can teach them, they will have to wait until a class is available. The knowledge and expertise required to work in the blockchain industry form a unique skill set different from most other industries. This means that many people who intend to practice in this industry must go out of their way to acquire training and skills.

2) About Gravity Ranch

According to Jonas Lauren Norr, Crypto Lotus was born out of a desire to do something unique and “to form a specialized team that would be able to offer the kind of high-end blockchain consulting services that would dramatically change the way companies think about Blockchain.” In 2017, he started working with Jason Catalano on projects involving ICOs and other Blockchain implementations. They then decided to rebrand their company under Gravity Ranch, which is what it is today. The main aim of Gravity Ranch was to provide the kind of high-end, specialized consulting services that would help companies run their businesses on Blockchain.

3) About Crypto Lotus

In 2018, Jonas Lauren Norr decided that he would be able to solve the problem of how to help companies build their long-term blockchain portfolios. In his words, “I was not satisfied with just doing ICOs and advisory work. I wanted something more. I found that I could provide a unique solution by combining my experience with Blockchain and with a long-term strategy.” This is how Crypto Lotus came into existence. Jonas Lauren Norr has participated in international conferences, such as the Blockchain Economic Forum held in Vietnam, New York, and Korea. He has also participated in many other events like the World Crypto Conference, Coin Agenda Conference, and The North American Bitcoin Conference.

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