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The Successes of Ryan Kavanaugh

When it comes to venture capitalism, Ryan Kavanaugh is a well-known figure. Being the son of a real-estate broker mother, and an entrepreneur/dentist father, Ryan Kavanaugh was taught from an early age how to succeed and prosper in a difficult world. It was this upbringing and mindset that allowed him to achieve the success that he did in the world of venture capitalism. Let’s take a look at what he has accomplished.


Being big on innovation and predicting future trends Ryan Kavanaugh co-founded a company known as Precash. This company would go on to become Noventus, and was the precursor to payment processors like PayPal and Apple Pay. The investors in Precash were pleased when the company ended up being sold for almost $400 million. This was one of Ryan’s biggest early successes, and would pave the way to future endeavors.


In addition to only payment processors, Ryan Kavanaugh also saw that biotechnology would big a big market and one that he should get into. This is why he was a seed investor in a company known as ZetaRx which was founded by his father. ZetaRx worked to combat cancer using genetic engineering, and had a 91% remission rate during trials. This led to the company being sold to Juno Therapeutics for 80x the original stake making it another winner for Ryan.


These days Ryan Kavanaugh is most known for his work with Triller, a digital streaming app that predates other platforms like TikTok. Using his marketing and branding savvy, Ryan focused on getting big names on board with the platform like Snoop Dogg, The Weekend, and Lil Wayne. While Triller hasn’t surpassed TikTok yet, it is the second largest social platform on the web that focuses on content creation, and has a very bright future ahead of it.

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