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The Butts That Started the Pads: Miki Agrawal

Miki Agrawal is the CEO of Thinx, which you may know as the innovative company that introduced period underwear to women worldwide. Miki Agrawal herself has a fascinating background – she was born in Canada and raised in India before coming to America by way of Dubai.

Miki graduated from Duke University with degrees in Biology and International Relations before studying Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins College in London. Since her teenage years, Miki has been an entrepreneur when she started importing fair-trade clothing from Nepal into Canada. Miki’s latest venture is Thinx – menstrual panties made out of high-tech fabrics designed for comfort during your period while also being leakproof.

The butts that started it all

Miki’s background as an entrepreneur started at a very young age. Miki was always interested in fashion and saw the potential for fair-trade clothing from Nepal to be sold in Canada. Miki worked with her mother to find the best prices on samples of various clothing lines, which Miki then sold at a booth that she set up at her school. Miki also sold the clothing online to reach a broader market, including Miki’s family members who lived in Dubai. Miki became known as Miki Moo because she would often give the clothing away to friends and family for free.


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Miki would stimulate her entrepreneurial side by importing handcrafted jewelry from Thailand with her mother. Miki Agrawal would sell the jewelry at school to friends and classmates, who offered Miki high prices for her unique designs. Miki also imported beaded nightgowns from India that Miki’s mother had designed – Miki would advertise the nightgowns on campus and sell them alongside her jewelry. Miki was about thirteen, and Miki’s mother encouraged Miki to make her website where Miki could sell the jewelry online. Miki quickly learned how to create a PayPal account to accept payments – Miki’s website would become one of the first examples of social entrepreneurship in Miki’s school; when Miki Agrawal donated all proceeds from the website to an orphanage, Miki volunteered. Miki’s website was used as an example of entrepreneurship in Miki’s school. Miki Agrawal was the first child ever to go on a field trip for entrepreneurship – Miki took her classmates to see where Miki grew up in India.

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