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Ombori’s First-rate Technology-Driven Distribution Solutions Transforms the Supply Chain Remarkably.

The supply chain is multifaceted. It involves the distribution of products across geographic locations and seeks to solve the demand from consumers. Modernizing the supply chain processes through modern-day technology has been essential to producers, distributors, local business owners, and consumers over the years. Despite countless technology solutions in the global market, Ombori’s distribution solutions are the most effective. Ombori is a tech company specializing in products critical to the supply chain. It leverages disruptive technology backed by a team of skilled and talented individuals to design and develop top-notch systems and products that increase the effectiveness of the distribution process.

In the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an unprecedented interruption in the global supply chain. Disruption of livelihoods, decrease in the supply of manufacturing products, and loss of skilled workforce and expertise have been detrimental to the distribution of products worldwide. However, with the resumption of normalcy, Ombori solutions have been critical to the success of businesses and organizations worldwide. For instance, Ombori’s people counter, and occupancy counter is vital tools in distribution outlets. With these tools, business owners can monitor and control the number of customers in a stall at a particular time. Therefore, it aids in promoting the safety of the staff and clients.

In addition, Ombori Grid is a top-tier technology that propels efficiency in the supply chain. The solution enables business managers to have hassle-free execution of their managerial duties. Ombori Grid business management solution consolidates data collected from multiple systems and displays it on the designated devices. Therefore, it enables business leaders to monitor processes, draw insights and make critical decisions based on the available data. Ombori’s inventory management software is also a must-have. It automatically monitors the available stock and analyzes consumer trends, thus helping in ensuring timely supply and distribution of products.