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Miki Agrawal her journey in innovation

Miki Agrawal’s life has been entirely dedicated to ensuring the status quo does not exist. She got filled with colorful threads, which got richly textured. She invested in three businesses successfully, which got against their traditions of a woman owning a business. Her two books try to explain much of her experiences in the carvings business where she vested.

Miki Agrawal’s personal life has been too intriguing to disrupt her schedule. Throughout her career, the husband Andrew has been the strongest pillar by ensuring he wears a hat that signifies a creative collaborator. Hiro Happy, Miki Agrawal’s son, has remained grounded in all the turbulence by making their mother remain focused on their new dimension. Her friends have widely supported her in the nucleus social network.

Miki Agrawal is joined by her twin sister, Radha, a close business partner assisting many in creative ideas geared to business growth. Together with their business colleagues, all family members work together in their journey of unfolding each day.

Miki Agrawal felt that was the right time to set her priorities that could impact the world. She put the three goals that came to be accomplished after a few years of action, making her happy. She said that one goal always provided another appearance, making her gear towards the right direction in all possible ways.

Like a professional soccer player in New York Magic, Miki Agrawal decided to get into the field and try the luck, but she sustained injuries that made her sideline soccer. Later she tried video production work which also did not work well for her, and decided to shift to another field.

Having not done much cooking, she opted to open a gluten-free farm-to-table eatery in New York City. Due to her challenge of not setting meals, she developed the idea of super healthy pizza, which came as brimming fresh with unprocessed ingredients.