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Technology has advanced to levels that could not be imagined in the recent past, and this has opened a lot of opportunities for people. It has brought the world closer and made a lot of things easier. Communication, for instance, is much faster, and transportation has not been left behind as people can cover more distance while traveling in a smaller duration compared to the past. People got the chance to interact more and even learn about new cultures, including new dishes and cuisines.

Laura Rea Dickey, CEO of Dickey`s Barbecue Restaurants, took advantage of this information and opportunity, and in 2016, when she got the CEO position, Laura made it a priority to expand her business all over and currently runs 550 branches in the U.S.

There are seven more international branches and several partnerships that warrant the opening of some locations from the Arab Emirates through Singapore. Laura Rea Dickey increased rapidly as a result of this.

At the beginning of it all, defining real barbecue was a bit hard as different people each had their own versions of what it was. In the mid-1800s, German and Czech immigrants started settling in Texas. They majored in sales of grocery and meat and would make a habit of smoking meat behind their shops. They realized this not only made the meat soft but also added flavor to it while preserving it longer. Soon, the Cowboys bought this idea, and this became a normal cuisine for the people. Joints serving it grew, and it became a popular serving.

Laura went to Texas Christian University and later founded her career at prestigious marketing films. She worked with big companies and helped them grow immensely. In 2009, she joined Dickey`s Barbecue Restaurant as a consultant and earned her promotion to the CEO, where she used her knowledge to grow the business. Go to this page for additional information.

Laura Rea Dickey Net Worth increased over time, and she was awarded a top Women in Technology award.


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