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Jason Hope Insight on Social Networks

The advent of social media platforms has eased business transactions and communications. A considerable percentage of individuals have access to the internet and smart devices. Today, many businesses have shifted their focus on various social media platforms and are looking for ways to optimize their usage. The business leaders such as Jason Hope are investing a lot of funds on social media tools and creating strategies to increase following, which translates to sales. Social media is a great marketing tool that each business should take advantage of due to the low cost and ability to reach a broader target audience.


According to Jason Hope while thinking about technology regarding the future he has various observations moving forward. Social media is the number one tool for entertainment. It is a common occurrence to see individuals turning to their phones every time and then. Social media has replaced physical interaction, and gone are the days where people used social media to find old friends and catch up. Currently, Jason Hope keeps on, most online users use various social media applications as a form of entertainment where they get breaking news, catch up with trendy topics, among other entertainment options. 


Jason Hope at Ascend


The platforms providing information and news are set to expand in the future judging from the current affairs. Another attractive fact, as noted by Jason, is that social media has helped businesses grow. Interestingly, most online users would buy products from the online page after noticing a page with more followers (Everybodywiki). 

Additionally, the use of social media influencers has become common among brands. All these efforts are aimed at boosting sales. The various social media applications have given business owners a chance to boost their pages; thus, a more vast audience gets to see their products. Mobile devices are the commonly used tools to access various social media applications. According to Jason Hope, companies have to tailor their websites to match mobile devices where users access the internet. Moving forward, social media is taking over, and it is best to keep up.