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An Interview with SmartFit CEO, Edgard Corona: Latin America’s Biggest Mind in the Fitness Industry

Edgard Corona is dominating the fitness industry with his group called SmartFit. He is also the Bio Ritmo Group commander that has about 480 gyms that earned approximately R$ 1B a few years ago. Edgard Corona founded the group in 1996 with just a unit in Sao Paulo; he did not know anything regarding the fitness industry.

Edgard is the group’s main name and CEO, but before that, he was a chemical engineer running a family sugar mills that even had a laboratory. When creating SmartFit, Edgard noted that they had to kill their business, and now is present in countries like Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, and Colombia.

The fitness chain has about 1.6 million learners in Latin America. The number of Corona gyms in the region is more than the Estonian population. The fitness chain altered people’s ways of exercising and even pressured the market for certain changes. This fitness conglomerate is the fourth biggest in the world and under 61-year leadership, it will grow further.

Edgard Corona highlighted that he wanted to become an entrepreneur, and when in college, he owned an assessment lab but later established a confection. However, he discarded these two ventures to concentrate on the sugar mills. Edgard joined a fitness center whose advancement was to be done on a partnership basis; he liked the idea and gave Santo Amaro the first academy.

During the academy building period, Edgard left the sugar mills to have physical therapy following a skiing catastrophe. Therefore, he did physiotherapy at his gym where he eventually spent time taking care of the business. All this happened between 1995 and 1996 when the Brazilian economy was doing great; therefore, favoring the company amidst some design errors. For a dozen years, the gym had lost money thanks to the series of mistakes committed. Go Here for related Information.