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Activist Investor Jason Hope


In the article by Jason Hope, Hope discusses the misconceptions of how politicians and government officials perceive the technology industry. He states that this is connected with healthcare, research and development, computer science, and innovation. Jason Hope brings up several key points to this discussion on misconceptions. He made one point that limiting prosecution or incarceration rates would have a significant effect on poverty rates in America. 

However, it has not been thoroughly explored yet because of a lack of political will to tackle these issues head-on from both sides of the aisle. When Jason Hope was just 18 years old, he received a scholarship to pursue a degree and master’s program in Scotland. The activist investor acknowledges he was favored with talent from his mother’s side but decided to give up on his friends, parents, and culture. Jason states that he did not have any problem taking his newfound talents because he thinks talent is not a gift but should work towards.


Activist Investor Jason Hope



After graduating, Jason Hope went back to Israel and used the money he made from his first business to start it again with higher standards. He started making lots of money and purchased many luxury items this time. He acquired a Bentley Continental GT, an apartment in Manhattan, and Ma’al Hudhud. Jason Hope then tells a story about how he was made fun of by his friends for still driving the same car and how he knew that success was not just about money. His parents told him about a man who came to their town looking for a son. 

He knew it was his father and, when he met him, he found out that he had been living in America with his new wife for the last 20 years. He was not aware of his father’s history or life in America because he was too young when the family split up. Jason Hope then wrote a letter to his father, who later called him, finally reconciled. After coming back to America, Jason Hope became much more ambitious. He started investing in stocks like Google and Apple and looking for other business opportunities such as an internet-based TV station. In conclusion, Jason Hope states that America is a country where freedom is essential, yet most people do not understand how it looks in the business world. Hope concludes by stating that he would want to start a humanitarian organization to help the poor people of America and one day reform the healthcare system.